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Getting a Loved One

For getting a loved one we proceed as follows:

Please provide the following information about the desired person:

Date of Birth:............

Your Name:..........
Your date of birth..........
Your Picture:..........

Nine Wishes concerning the desired person.

The contact between you and the desired partner can be positively influenced by rituals which I will conduct for you. In order to improve the result you have to support me from home. I will give you a detailed tailored description of what you have to do. If any problems occur during the ritual I will help you. Getting a loved one will take about 2 to 2,5 months, sometimes longer. During this time I will help you with all your matters. I will help you to find your psychic balance. Furthermore, I can predict the future for you if you wish to. My future predictions apply to 80 to 85%. Many people misjudge my work as it is not comprehensible for people who don't have this gift. During my sessions I have to be highly concentrated and all of my power and energy is needed. I don't charge the same amount from everybody as I first have to know what power and energy might be needed in order to help you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
I don't save or keep any of the information you give me. I will make sure that no third parties will get any of this information. I can send back the provided pictures and information after my consideration.

(Yours Respectfully Carmen Oppermann)

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