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Will psychics be prepared for their future responsibilities in the Spirit World?
No, they make their decision on their own in this world. They always have the option to use their gift or not. Most psychics take advantage of this gift and help people in this world as well as in the Spirit World.

Is a psychic able to use its gift in different locations without being hurt?
Yes, a good psychic can use its gift in different locations but it is risky and these risks are often underestimated. It is more risky for a psychic to work alone. When working alone psychics only receive about 50% true answers. There is nothing a psychic can do about that as they are not allowed to apply force

Does a psychic have to be devotional to work successfully?
No, a devotional psychic would be affected by negative spirits so that they cannot receive and send true messages.

What must a psychic be like to forward positive/true messages/information?
The best psychics worldwide are normal people with a special gift. They are aware of their gift and use it responsibly. They really appreciate this gift.

What is a negative psychic?
To answer this question I need to explain a few things: Every human has this gift, some more some less. Theoretically, every human could help to communicate between the two worlds. If that doesn't work this human didn't either gain enough experiences, or is too impatient, or inexpertly. A negative psychic attitude doesn't help either as negative humans can only become a negative psychic.

What means negative?
A very strong self awareness and the wish to be seen as a special person have negative impact on the quality of work as a psychic. Spirits approaching those "bad" psychics are negative, too. They attract each other. Often those psychics fall for those negative spirits due to their need for acknowledgement. In those cases it is likely that these psychics are overstrained as they feel special by having been chosen by god to act as a medium. That makes them easy accessible for negative spirits. Religious fanatism also has a negative impact and these psychics underlie their possession and their erroneous belief.

  • A positive psychic has no wish to be seen as a special person

  • A positive psychic knows that they can't contact god or archangels.

  • A positive psychic will resolutely deny any contact with the last
  • A positive psychic works as a tutor for other people. His motive is love towards other people and love towards harmony and peace.

  • A positive psychic wishes to have a good tutor itself no matter what this tutor has done in his former life. It is important that this tutor proves to have a good will. This can be proved by his messages. The spiritual tutor needs to show that he is superior to people in this world people in terms of his experiences

Should I denunciate a negative psychic?
No, that would be the wrong way. It is important to explain people about the characteristics of negative and positive psychics. They can make their own decision about whom they want to ask for help. Unfortunately, nothing has happened about this.

Can a psychic help solving crimes?
Unfortunately, no as negative energies involved are too strong. They prevent any positive contact which is necessary to help solving crimes. Furthermore, positive spirits are not allowed to exert influence on solving crimes. Anyway, police does not believe in spiritual help.

How do spirits think about adepts who worked for imperators and kings?
Most people think that adepts have had an epiphany but most of them are normal people with a special gift. They know about the spiritual world and perceive spirits. Their lack of knowledge will be filled by their ingenious thinking. Some important artists can also be seen as adepts although not being psychics.

(Yours Respectfully Carmen Oppermann)

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